Ghillie Clouds ghillie brogues top view

Ghillators are now Ghillie Clouds

Hello bagpipers, Scottish people, party people, and people people – Pleased to meetcha! Our shoes have changed their name from Ghillators to Ghillie Clouds, by Winter Piper LLC. They are still the same great shoes at the same great price. Why the name change? Quite simply, Ghillie Clouds™ feel just like walking on air! These little puffs of heaven conform to the shape of your foot, cradling it, cushioning it from impact, and providing a slight springy sensation whenever you take a step.

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Ghillie Clouds ghillie brogues front view

What Makes Ghillie Clouds So Comfortable?

Ghillie Clouds™ are made from specially designed, light-weight elastomeric polymer materials which are light and spongy to put a spring in your step and keep you feeling comfortable on your feet all day. And that’s just the beauty on the inside. On the outside, Ghillie Clouds replicate the authentic, formal look of traditional ghillie brogues.

Ghillie Clouds ghillie brogues back view

Ghillie Clouds™ for any Occasion

Ghillie Clouds™ can be worn for competitions, parades, Scottish dress occasions, and festivals. Imagine being at a festival all day and not having sore feet! Picture walking for miles in a parade and only having to think about your music. Have a great time at playing, dancing, mixing and mingling ON YOUR FEET at weddings.

Ghillie Clouds ghillie brogues bottom view

Super Easy to Care For

How nice would it be if cleaning your shoes just meant a quick water rinse and polishing took only a few seconds and some Lemon Pledge™ or ArmorAll™? Think of all the awesome things you could do instead of worrying about your shoes and your feet!

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